Neanderthalic Romanticism

December 10, 2012

The world is changing, and change is scary for many people. All of these changes bring more questions and concerns. Each of these questions now have the capability to be answered through the Internet, however as more and more information becomes available, the responsibility to digest this information becomes increasingly more difficult. This creates a sense of information-overload, almost that there is ‘too much information to know”.

Once someone is overloaded with information, there becomes a split between what it is they want to understand, and what they will trust based solely on their own experience and instinct. When it comes to situations where it only affects the individual, this is understandable, however when it comes to issues that affect others, this is a dangerous mindset to have.

The idea of turning off all of our advancements and devolving into a sustainable mess is appealing to naive environmentalists.

I am constantly surprised when I hear about the lack of trust in technology and science, and the general dislike for new technology. Some examples that come to mind are vaccinations or transportation.

In 2010 it was shown that an increasing amount of parents questioned whether vaccines really worked.


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